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The Gateway Task Force – Repost

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Executive Summary:  The Seabrook Gateway Task Force is a subcommittee of the SIPOA Planning Committee; its’ membership includes representatives from SIPOA/Town/Club.  The Task Force has been studying what can be done to improve the welcoming experience at the entrance to Seabrook Island.  The Gateway Task Force has provided this summary of their work.

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Seabrook Island’s New Branding Initiative

Seabrook Island – Make It Uniquely YoursSM

Seabrook Uniquely Yours Brand Image

How do you describe the qualities and benefits of Seabrook Island to potential visitors and future property owners in just a few words?  And do so in a manner that is not only telling, but also distinctive, inviting, and differentiated from other oceanfront communities in the southeast?  Just as BMW has ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, Seabrook Island needed to develop a tagline and associated advertising that would effectively communicate its unique value to the outside world.  That was the challenge that was commissioned by the leadership of the three key constituencies of the island – the Town, SIPOA, and the Club – to develop and launch a new branding initiative for Seabrook Island.

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