Guest Columnist Dr. Roy Sessions: Quality of Life Concerns and The Search for Autonomy in Cancer Patients

This is the fourth in a series of columns on the doctor/cancer patient relationship by Seabrook resident Dr. Roy Sessions, MD, and Fellow of the American Council of Surgeons. 

RoySessionsThe days in which patients rarely challenged medical recommendations are long past, and an informed patient – even one with cancer – frequently seeks input into the decision process about therapy options.  The paternalism of the past, in which a doctor’s advice was sacrosanct and unchallengeable, has appropriately been replaced with an inclusive approach in which the patient is offered choices – specific advice, of course – but choices nevertheless.

This new attitude comes out of the information age in which there is little proprietary knowledge, and importantly represents a search for autonomy in many informed patients. Truth be known, this new attitude is not only directed to the medical profession, but applies to the questioning of most authority figures – the law, the clergy, the modern family unit and others.  For better or worse, blind acceptance of dogma is not the norm in 2014.   Let’s explore this notion as it pertains to the management of cancer patients. Continue reading “Guest Columnist Dr. Roy Sessions: Quality of Life Concerns and The Search for Autonomy in Cancer Patients”

Amenities Flyover Video Now on Vimeo

For those who missed our original post on July 19th, here is a re-post of the new Seabrook Island Amenities flyover video recently taken by camera drones.

It’s been uploaded to the popular video sharing website Vimeo and resides at the following address: This facilitates easy forwarding to friends and other interested parties, and allows the video to be embedded as below in blogs and other social media sites that support Vimeo embedding.


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Guest Columnist Roy Sessions, MD: The Importance of Physician Beneficence

RoySessionsDiscussions of beneficence have historically been sparse in the medical, and even the cancer-specific literature. However, because of shifting societal attitudes, especially as they apply to the practice of medicine, important basic changes have occurred that qualify this fact. Emphasis on patient education, their rights, their autonomy and the encouragement of self-advocacy have become the new norm, and despite a continued deficiency in the relevant literature, the very concept of beneficence has become essential to contemporary medical dialogue and thinking.

Continue reading “Guest Columnist Roy Sessions, MD: The Importance of Physician Beneficence”