Meet the Candidates – January 11th

The election for the SIPOA Board and Nominating Committee is coming up soon.  On-line ballots will be e-mailed and paper copy ballots will be sent out to property owners.  Ballots must be cast before the opening of the SIPOA Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 13th.

In anticipation of the balloting, a Meet the Candidates night will be held tomorrow, Monday, January 11th at 5pm in Live Oak Hall at the Lake House.  This is an opportunity for you to hear about the candidates and to ask them questions.

The following SIPOA Board Candidates are proposed by the Nominating Committee:
William Bane
Edward Houff
Veronica L’Allier
Julie McCulloch
Ronald Schildge
Roy Sessions

The following SIPOA Board Candidate is proposed by petition:
Philip Squire

The following Nominating Committee Candidates are proposed by the Nominating Committee:
Kathleen Buchman
George Conbeer
Skip Crane

We hope you come out to meet the candidates for these important positions.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editor

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