Help Stop Illegal Dumping

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Recently,  SIPOA has negotiated to have Brown and White pick up once a month rather than just a few times a year in order to help residents deal with their trash appropriately. The hope was, and is, that in doing so, residents would not dump illegal items around the maintenance area – an all too frequent occurrence.

If you aren’t familiar with the regulations for brown and white items please contact the SIPOA office.

These pictures were taken on Monday, February 1. Priority One, which has the trash and recycling contract for Seabrook, will not pick these items up. That leaves it to the maintenance staff to put aside their other tasks and find a way to dispose of these items.

We need to find a way to get the word out that this is not an acceptable way to treat our home. If you know anyone, resident or contractor, who is doing this, please let them know how to dispose of their trash properly.

The recycling and waste center at the maintenance area is a great convenience, particularly for proper disposal on non-pickup days. We would hate to see this area closed to residents.

Please help spread the word. There will be a brown and white pickup this coming Friday, February 12 and THE FIRST Friday of EVERY month thereafter. Let’s take good care of our home.

Submitted by Richard Siegel
Environmental Committee Waste Management

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