Republican Preference Primary – Seabrook Voting Results

Seabrook Island Voters:

You have probably already seen the State and County results of the SC Republican Preference Primary election that was held yesterday. The media reports State and County results very well, but they do not report how the votes were cast by precinct. Following is the outcome of the voting in our Town of Seabrook precinct:

Number of people voting: 768

Active Candidates
Marco Rubio 272
John R Kasich 205
Donald J Trump 151
Jeb Bush 74
Ted Cruz 50
Ben Carson 13

Inactive Candidates
Carly Fiorina 1
Rand Paul 1
Chris Christie 0
Jim Gilmore 0
Mike Huckabee 0
Rick Santorum 0

One voter did not make a selection 0

Note: The numbers above are the results of those voting on the machines at the Lake House. They do not include absentee ballots, which are held as they come in by the Charleston County Election Commission. The Commission opens and counts them on Election Day, after which the County wide absentee ballot total is added to the total results of all County precincts.

From experience and from talking to various people on the island, I would guess the Seabrook absentee ballots to be about 75 in number for this specific election.

I plan to get precinct results out to you after the Democratic Preference Primary that will be next Saturday, February 27.

Joe Hall
Republican Precinct President

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