GOMC Highlights – February 1st, 2016

GOMC met on Monday February 1st; here are the highlights of that meeting:

1. LED lighting in Lake House: GOMC approved a proposal to replace all the incandescent and CFL bulbs in the Lake House at a cost of $11,538, saving approximately $9,250 in the first year. The LED’s will be warranted for 5 years. The old bulbs we remove will be offered to Habitat. We decided not to replace the bulbs in the Community Center; the payback time did not justify it. [The SIPOA Board subsequently approved this project].

2.  Lake House controls will be upgraded and new (smart) thermostats installed in mid‐March. A replacement pool water boiler has been ordered for installation this month.

3.  Directional sign replacement starts this month; the street names will all be consistent with the Charleston County database, which is used by all Emergency Services. This may result in minor changes to a few street names.

4.  Permits have been approved by US Army Corps of Engineers and SC DHEC for repair of the Marsh Gate bulkhead.

5. Mailbox painting is underway; SIPOA is painting all mailboxes supplied by SIPOA including many villa regimes, per discussions with COVAR.

6. Storm drain cleaning and inspection completes this month; defective lines will go into the 2017/2018 relining Scope of Work. Relining of 9500 ft. of storm water pipes by Layne Inliner will start in March; this extends the effective service life of our stormwater system considerably.

7. A Sub‐Committee has made considerable progress in identifying and prioritizing the 23 locations on Seabrook Island known to be vulnerable to flooding from rising sea levels. Their work will continue through March, at least.

The full Minutes are posted on the SIPOA website.

My thanks to all the property owners who volunteered their time and talents to GOMC for the past year – you’ve done a great job helping to maintain and upgrade SIPOA’s infrastructure!

Guy Gimson, GOMC Chair

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