SIPOA Planning Committee – February 2016 Minutes

Chairman Kortvelesy informed the Planning Committee (PC) that the Focus for the Year would be “Make Seabrook the Best It Can Possibly Be”. Success with this should have a positive impact on property values and visitors to the island.

In the March meeting, the PC will review the 2015 SIPOA Committees Final Reports and compare to the approved Strategic Plan for 2016.

In the Annual meeting some of the “take aways” were the continued challenges with aging housing that is not maintained or upgraded. This includes both single family homes and villas. The property owners need to ask themselves if their property would be considered marketable if they listed to sell. The PC should identify resources to help property owners.

The Audubon International subcommittee reported the program is going into Stage 2 with 15 focus areas to be assigned. The first step will be to rebuild the awareness of the Audubon International program. Tidelines and the Seabrooker will be some of the sources used to educate.

The Finance subcommittee mentioned the delinquent property owner accounts at SIPOA is a problem.  A more aggressive collection approach will be implemented in 2016.

The Data Gathering and Analysis subcommittee is currently reviewing the final 2016 Survey draft and making some suggestions on improved wording prior to finalizing and distributing. They will also be discussing a 5 year schedule on frequency of surveys versus focus groups. Chairman Kortvelesy is also going to recommend using a retreat format for the SIPOA Board members to meet with the Club Governors, the Town of Seabrook Island Council members, COVAR Board members, key property owners and possibly past SIPOA and Club Presidents.

The condition of Local Roads was discussed. During a Kiawah retreat of various governing bodies they discussed more involvement in improving the local roads including Bohicket, Main, Maybank and River Roads. In addition to the Town of Seabrook Island getting more involved in this discussion along with Kiawah, the SIPOA Board should also provide possible resolutions. Chairman Kortvelesy suggested that Johns Island should also be represented in this endeavor.

Discussion occurred about the article titled “Stats and Facts – Kiawah Island/Seabrook Island” published in The Post and Courier in January 2016. A suggestion was made to request more detailed real estate information on at least a quarterly basis from Seabrook Island Real Estate and other sources for comparable communities. Analysis of this more detailed information could provide trends that would assist with long term planning to improve the Seabrook Island property values. This information could educate property owners on opportunities to improve property values through maintenance and upgrades.

The PC normally meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Lake House. All property owners are welcome to attend. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 8, at 9am in the Osprey 1 room.

You can view the complete minutes of this meeting on the SIPOA website for more details.

-Submitted by Jack Miller, Planning Committee

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