New Mexican Restaurant to Open Outside Seabrook Gate

There is a new restaurant opening outside the Seabrook Gate in the space that was briefly the Heritage at Seabrook Restaurant and Veggie Bin. It’s a Mexican restaurant and it’s called San Luca’s Mexican Grill. The target date for opening, which the owner says is optimistic, is now scheduled for March 15th.

The owner is Nancy Keeney, who hails from Atlanta, and although she has started many new businesses, this will be her first restaurant endeavor. She will be bringing in two chefs from Atlanta to staff the kitchen.

Nancy favors using fresh, local food. She says most Mexican restaurants buy frozen food, which is supposed to be more economical, but rarely displays much taste. She will be buying unfrozen meat and fish and “cooking from scratch”.

The menu will attempt to cover a variety of eating preferences, as there will be gluten free and vegetarian options. San Luca’s will feature Texas fajitas, which consists of lots of vegetables, chicken and shrimp, as well as fish tacos, and shrimp tacos. The décor will be more upscale than your typical touristy Mexican restaurant.

Nancy says the restaurant will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. It will open at 10:30AM and the last seating will be at 10PM.

Nancy admits she is a little OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to cleanliness and the way food is prepared and displayed. That’s not a bad characteristic for a restaurateur to have. We in Seabrook and surrounding areas wish her the best of luck in her new location.

—Barbara Burgess
Tidelines Staff Writer

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