Parking Update – Island House and Pelican’s Nest

Seabrook Island Club has released the following information about parking around the Island House and Pelican’s Nest.  For more information, contact the Club or go to


To help alleviate the inconvenience of the parking challenges to come this summer season several steps will be taken to combat the loss of 66 parking spaces the Club has previously been able to utilize on Atrium Villa property.  Our strong, positive relationship with the Atrium Villas continues and we wish them the very best with their construction project! However, the loss of these parking spaces has resulted in some operational issues that we are confident we can overcome.

Below is a list of action steps planned for this summer season, most of which will go into effect on May 27th.  It is forecasted that the average daily impact of this plan will be 60 parking spaces, nearly offsetting the loss of the previously mentioned 66.

1.  Alternative employee parking areas have been established in neighboring regimes and other locations on club property.
2.  A Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) designated parking area will be established on the cart staging area to the left of the bag drop cover.
3.  A temporary parking lot will be established in the grass area behind Ocean Winds putting green (note that if the parking lot on Atrium property can be reclaimed in time, this item will be eliminated).
4.  Employee shuttles will be utilized for seasonal staff and morning shift staff for those working in Island House and Beach Club areas.
While there will be crowded days and these steps will not completely eliminate parking inconveniences, we are working hard to address this very important issue for our members and guests. Thank you for your attention and kind understanding.

LSV Parking
In an effort to maximize space in our parking lots, Seabrook Island Club has established an area dedicated to electric low speed vehicle (LSV) parking, beginning on May 27th. This area is located on the golf side of the Island House next to the covered golf bag drop. Accessibility to this area is best found through the parking lot nearest the Spinnaker Villas; directional signs to the area and signs identifying the individual parking spaces will be available. Space will be limited, but we hope that those utilizing these eco-friendly vehicles will find this parking area easy to access and convenient.

Seabrook Island Club, 1002 Landfall Way, Johns Island, SC 29455


Sunday Matinees at the Lake House: JOY

JOY Movie PosterJoin us at The Lake House on Sunday afternoons for a movie, popcorn and fun! Sunday Matinees will begin at 1:00 PM in the Live Oak Hall. You are welcome to bring your favorite snacks or refreshments. Water and popcorn will be provided.

This week’s (6/5) movie: JOY

Joy is the story of the title character, who rose to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty.

—Jamie Mogus, The Lake House

Patriots and Pops Concert

A big thank-you to all those who came out to support the Sea Island Lady Singers and the Island Choraliers at their concert, Patriots and Pops, which was held on Friday.  It was a lovely program of favorite patriotic music (I Am Thankful to Be an American, This is My Country, the Armed Forces Medley, and America, The Beautiful), show tunes (Oklahoma Medley and Everything’s Coming Up Roses), and religious music (O God Beyond All Praising, Blessing, and Hear My Prayer).  The pieces were directed by Cecelia Dawson, Nat Malcolm and Van McCollum.  Thank-you again for your support!




(Photo Credit:  Henry Russell)

-Submitted by Veronica L’Allier, President, Sea Island Lady Singers

New York-to-Seabrook Connection Party: Save the Date – October 25th



If you grew up in NY, were schooled in NY, lived in NY long enough to feel you are a New Yorker, or love a New Yorker, plan to join us for the second annual

New York-to-Seabrook Connection Party

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 6:00 pm
Live Oak Hall, Lake House

All New Yorkers who call Seabrook home, whether seasonally or year round, are invited. An Evite will follow in September with details.
If you have not already received this “save the date” in an email, then you are not in our data base. If you are interested in joining us, please email your name, email address and town or city in New York where you lived, so we can add you to our list for future mailings.

Email to:
[Ed. note: To sign up for future mailings, please respond directly to this e-mail rather than using the blog’s “Comment” function.]

The NY-SI Committee: Carol Agusta, Joan Altemus, Betty Burns, Frank and Lisa Cermak, Barbara and Steve Cutter, Kathy and Ed Maher, Ed Moran

-Submitted by Joan Altemus

Winestock Music Festival – June 4th

June 4, 2016

WinestockPeace! Dust off those bell bottoms and take a trip back to the 1960s and 1970s for Firefly Distillery and Deep Water Vineyard’s annual Winestock Music Festival on Saturday, June 4 from noon until 5:00 p.m. Considered Woodstock with a wine twist, Winestock is a laid-back event offering Deep Water Vineyard wines and Firefly spirit tastings, local food vendors, a “Best Hippie” costume contest and more. Admission is $5.00 per adult, children are free. Guests are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy live music under the oaks.

Continue reading “Winestock Music Festival – June 4th”

Three New Openings Scheduled for Freshfields Village; New Restaurant on the Way

By the fall of 2016, Freshfields Village will be home to three new stores— Scout & Molly’s, Dolittle’s, Kiawah Nail Studio and a new restaurant, Fuji Sushi Bar and Grill.

Scout & Molly’s, a women’s clothing boutique, will be located at 458 Freshfields Drive.  It is now open with a Grand Opening Celebration to be held in June; they have another store in downtown Charleston.  More information can be found at

Kiawah Nail Studio will provide a full service nail salon with manicures and pedicures. The nail studio will be located at 205 Gardeners Circle and is slated to open by July 1.

Dolittle’s, a Charleston based company, will offer quality pet products including food, toys, collars and leashes, beds and more.  The shop will also have a self-service pet bathing room.  Located at 352 Freshfields Drive, this store will be Dolittle’s third location in the low country, and is expected to open by July 1, 2016. More information can be found at

Complementing the new retail offerings, Mount Pleasant based Fuji Sushi Bar and Grill is slated to open its third Lowcountry fusion restaurant in Freshfields. They will offer an authentic Japanese cuisine, signature sushi rolls, traditional hibachi entrees and unique Asian entrees.  Their website is

Submitted by Trish Pruitt, Freshfields Village

Highlights – Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting, May 24, 2016

Some meeting highlights are provided below. Note that these items and many others are explained more fully in minutes of the Town’s May 17 Ways & Means Meeting where the topics were discussed at greater length–see the Town’s website,

Members of Seabrook Island Birders and SEADOGS are helping the Town enforce beach rules for dogs by informing offenders of the reason for the rules and pointing out where dogs are not allowed. Mayor Ron Ciancio noted that the Town is considering enhancing enforcement of its beach ordinance with an additional part-time code enforcement officer.

The Town Hall meeting on May 12 focused on talks by Senator George E. “Chip” Campsen III, Representative Peter M. McCoy Jr., and Robert Clark, District 6 Engineering Administrator, Engineering Division, South Carolina Department of Transportation. There were 70-75 attendees, and the speakers answered residents’ questions for about an hour following the presentation. The Town was told to expect a response by end of May to our request (filed jointly with the Town of Kiawah) for a Safety Audit of Main/Bohicket roads. Continue reading “Highlights – Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting, May 24, 2016”

Tropical Storm Bonnie Update

As of  9:00 am Sunday, 29 May 2016, the National Weather Service – Charleston reported cancellation of the Tropical Storm Warning as tropical depression Bonnie made landfall near the Isle of Palms. Tropical Depression Bonnie is now moving northward and is expected to turn northeasterly. Rainfall is expected to continue.

—John Gregg, Town of Seabrook Island

Turtle Patrol Summary 5/29/16

This has been an exciting week for weather and turtles!

Monday, May 23 – Zone 1’s excitement was mating Dolphins.   Zone 2 reported no activity. Zone 3 called with a likely false crawl as the mama hit the myrtles and went back out. Linda Nelson and Terry Fansler confirmed the absence of a nest. Rob Jerome also reported the absence of even a single piece of trash. Zone 4: No activity

Hopefully the Zone 3 mama will return tonight and find a place more to her liking.

Tuesday, May 24 – Zone 4 was the winner today. No other activity on the beach..

Lori Porwoll, Lynda Zeger, Ruby Jenkins and Pam Salvestrini had to walk to the very end of the new cut to find a crawl. They helped Judy Morr, the prober, move the 111 eggs and 7 spacers to the second dog sign area. Nest # 4.Nest #4

Great going ladies. Those extra steps were worth it today.

Can we get another nest tomorrow? I sure hope so.


Wednesday, May 25 – The odd number zones won today.

Nest #5 5-16Zone 3 started it with a false crawl in the myrtles and then hit pay dirt with a loooong crawl at the vehicle entrance. Judy Morr and Jim and Jo Eisenhauer were the finders and Tim Morawski found the nest of 126 eggs. It was moved back for safety from the tides.  Isabel Romero and Richard Glasgow were among those finding nest # 5.                                                                                                                                  Nest #6 5-16

On Zone 1 Ray and Lucy Hoover found a false crawl at the first trash can but they got lucky past the old pier with a crawl and big body pit. Nest # 6. Terry Fansler and Sandy McCoss found the nest of 169 eggs. They all moved the nest closer to the vehicle entry out of the vegetation. It was Ray’s first nest

Zone 2 had two balloons and zone 4 had nothing.  Our first day of 2 nests. Let there be many more.

Thursday – May 26 Today it was the low number zones that had all the fun.

The first call came from Zone 1 where Anne Snelgrove, Melanie Jerome and Gayle Evans had a promising crawl about 100 yards short of the old pier. The Middletons responded. They probed, dug, probed some more, smoothed it out and probed again. Judy Morr came by and together they again probed, dug out the entire body pit and probed again with no luck. We still think that mama was just sneaky where she laid her eggs so the spot is marked with a pink flag.

Meanwhile, Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds and Chris Czander called with a nice Nest #7 5-16crawl in front of the Beach Club Villas on Zone 2. Tim Morawski responded and Judy Morr brought the equipment. It was Judy’s lucky probe stick that found Nest #7 with 105 eggs. Tim moved the nest back further on the dune.

Nothing to report on Zones 3 & 4.


Friday, May 27 –It was a glorious Friday on the beach.   Zone 1: Only activity was 2 deer on the beach at the point

nest#9 5-16 Zone 2: Anne Hess, Pat Backstom and Judy Morr found a crawl shortly after they came on to the beach just in front of the Beach Club Villas. The mama must have been told by her friend from yesterday’s nest that it was a good place to lay a nest. Judy was the first responder who found the nest and it was decided it could be left in situ as Nest #9. The technically challenged walkers were able to take a selfie with the sign but unfortunately, the actual nest cannot be seen.

Zone 3: Beautiful sunrise pictures but no turtle activity

Zone 4: Sandy MacCoss, Tory Kindley and Pat and Bob Derajtys were rewarded nest #8 5-16for their long walk to the inlet with a promising crawl that became Nest #8. Sandy acted as the first responder and found the nest. Since the Turtle Truck was at the Zone 2 nest, Pat Backstrom used her vehicle to take equipment to the vehicle access for Sandy. So Sandy walked, probed, walked for equipment and relocated the nest to near the second dog sign with the help of Pat and Bob. A full morning’s work.

Saturday,  May 28 – Zone 1: The Turtle Whisperer (aka Harvey Gibson) found that elusive nest from Thursday. It was about 18 inches from the pink flag but very deep. This became Nest 10 and was left in situ.  Zone 2: Sadly no activity on this holiday weekend.

Zone 3: Sherry Vincent and Arline DeGennaro called with a crawl just north of Boardwalk 5. Terry Fansler and Sandy MacCoss responded as did Jennifer Gibson with her class and their parents. Terry and Sandy probed and dug and dug and probed with no luck. Jennifer reports that she expects Harvey to go out and try his extraordinary charms but for now it’s marked with a pink flag.

Zone 4: The 3 nests are sleeping nicely and the dolphins were strand feeding at the inlet but otherwise, all was quiet.

Sunday, May 29 – This year’s turtle mamas must have skipped the chapter that said they were supposed to like to lay nests in a storm. Our walkers braved the elements with no rewards. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Submitted by Gary Fansler, Beautsie Zahrn and Judy Morr

Tropical Storm Bonnie Update

As of  6:00 am Sunday, 29 May 2016, the National Weather Service – Charleston decreased the wind rating to below tropical storm force with gusts up to 40 mph and forecast an additional 1 – 3 inches of rain with potential for localized storm surge of up to 1 foot. Conditions are marginally favorable for tornadoes. Charleston County Emergency Management Department indicates that the high rip current risk remains in effect until 8:00 pm 29 May 2016.

—John Gregg, Town of Seabrook Island

Main Island Roads Normal to Freshfields

A circuit of Seabrook Island Road to Freshfields Village at approximately 7:00 AM Sunday encountered neither standing water (aside from typical puddles) nor large tree debris. There is standing water in the ditches along Seabrook Island Parkway, and the old pedestrian/bicycle path on the incoming side of the parkway is partially flooded. The new ped/bike path is not.

The latest NWS forecast indicates tropical storm conditions are still possible into the evening, with gusty winds in the 30 mph range.

We will re-check conditions mid-afternoon at high tide.

—Tidelines Editor