Abridged Environmental Committee Minutes for May 4th, 2016

The Greenery
Spring plantings are continuing.
Earth Day Celebration
Everybody was pleased with the speaker and groups that participated.  Barry Shedrow offered to edit Doug Marcy’s presentation on sea level rise for publication in the blog.
Wildlife Mapping
 A large number of turkey sightings continue. There are now four piebalds; three bucks and one doe.

Waste Management
There has been a significant increase of items picked up since monthly First Friday brown/white began. There is still some illegal dumping being observed and fines have been issued.
Nature Trails
Repairs and painting continue.
Turtle Patrol 
Lucy Hoover is replacing Lori Porwoll as the liaison for the EC.  Approximately 150 volunteers signed up for this season.
The June Seabrooker article will be about the Dos and Don’ts of properly respecting our island environment and wildlife.
There will be a summary of the wildlife security report included in future monthly minutes.
The first round of checks show boxes are occupied. There were lots of bluebirds, although some boxes are currently occupied by chickadees.
SI Birders
SIB are doing well on membership, their blog and on Face Book. The June program will discuss how important Seabrook beaches are to shorebirds.
A photo was taken from the Kiawah side of Cap’n Sams Inlet showing dogs on the restricted North Beach area. The photo was sent to Coastal Carolina Conservancy. Seabrook Island Birders may begin to monitor birds and dogs in that area.
Adopt a Highway
Mary Torello sent a report that the next litter pick up on Betsy Kerrison Parkway is May 7. More volunteers are always needed.
Barry Shedrow presented selected environmental information that he planned to provide to the Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program Group as input for the subject certification process.
A subcommittee consisting of Barry, Joe Stevenot, Charley Moore, Rich Seigel and Roger Banks was formed to further identify viable environmental initiatives and develop recommendations for EC consideration.
In other business a discussion to consider recycling Christmas trees for dune growth was tabled until June when Steve Hirsch is in attendance.
-Submitted by Jane Marvin
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