Seabrooker Assists in Sea Turtle Rescue

turtle-62Several days ago a Seabrook Island resident, Tom Buckner, went fishing on his boat Stovepipe, captained by Kevin Ball. During the trip they noticed a clump of debris in the water (approximately 40 miles off the Seabrook Island coast) and decided to troll close as debris in the water normally attracts or holds fish.

After making a couple of passes Kevin thought the debris held a turtle tangled in the ropes. They motored close by and saw the turtle. Within a minute or two, Kevin, Tom Stanek and Kenny Umphlet freed the turtle. They watched it swim comfortably away, seeing it’s head pop out of the water a number of times in the distance.

Thanks to Tom and his fellow fisherman this sea turtle is still out there fulfilling its destiny. It’s a great story and serves as a reminder of the danger we humans can be to these amazing creatures as well as the caring and compassion of which we are equally capable.

—Gary Fansler, Sea Island Turtle Patrol

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