Disaster Awareness Series – Be Prepared. Stay Safe.

Be Prepared.  Stay Safe.

Our Island has the potential of being struck with many weather emergencies – – hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes.  The Town of Seabrook Island, the Town of Kiawah Island and Kiawah River Estates come together each year to host a Disaster Awareness program to help residents be prepared for any weather emergency.  This year the annual Disaster Awareness Day was held on June 16th. Speakers addressed State-level disaster procedures, public notification, EMS and Fire Department response, storm tracking, and local procedures. A lot of important information was shared with the participants. The Tidelines staff have put together a series of Disaster Awareness postings addressing tools, preparation, sheltering in place, evacuation, recovery, and pets — all information that will help in a disaster.  Be prepared.  Stay safe.

This series will answer many questions…

After power is restored to the Island, how do I safely turn it on at my house?

Once we’re allowed back on the Island, will I be able to eat at the Club right away?

Which radio stations and TV stations will be broadcasting emergency information?

What is my evacuation route?

Will there be 2 lanes of traffic going off the Island?

What goes in my emergency supplies kit?

If I’ve evacuated, how will I know when power, water and sewer services are back on?

These and other questions will be answered in this series.  Stay tuned.

…oh, and the one that came out on What About My Pets? was in error and will be rescheduled for where it is supposed to appear in this series.  Sorry.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editors


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