Enforcement of SIPOA Rules & Regulations, June, 2016

A primary goal of your Safety Security Staff, and Committee, is to keep Seabrook Island a safe place to live and visit. We encourage all property owners to read and know the SIPOA Rules and Regulations. This document can be found in the Island Governance section of the SIPOA website at https://sipoa.org/rules/.

There was a significant increase in citations issued in June, 2016, which included the following:
• 7 speeding violations
• 2 stop sign violations
• 11 no pass displayed
• 22 parking violations
• 1 towel on railing violation
• 3 license/registration violations
• 1 unauthorized access
• 1 pet violation

All moving traffic violations are recorded on radar and video.


Submitted by Bill Bryant, Secretary; Dennis Nagy, Chair

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3 Responses to Enforcement of SIPOA Rules & Regulations, June, 2016

  1. Gail says:

    There was a temporary increase in security patrolling our communities in June after discussion with SIPOA. The patrols seem to have slacked off again. We need continual security patrols.

  2. Phyllis mikula says:

    Two security patrols are plenty. Don’t spend more of our money on something that we do not need.I would like to not see any patrols on the beach. It looks bad and worries people.

  3. Gail Azain says:

    I disagree. With all the crazy things going on in this world people are grateful for a security presence. Also, people are more likely to follow rules if they know someone is checking…

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