Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary 9/11/16

Turtle season is winding down.  It has been a wonderful summer!  Great job everyone. Good season ! The turtles love you,🐢🙌🎉👍



Sunday, September 4 – Zone 1:  #58 is still has hard sand, #47 depressed without tracks

Zone 2: #56 big hole. thank goodness raccoon arms aren’t any longer.

Zone 3: #51 hole was filled. no shells, #59 crab holes filled 2 or 3 shells, #54 nothing

Zone 4: #57 looked good.

Monday, September 5 – It was a beautiful morning on the beach while slightly cooler. Just a hint of fall.

Zone 1: Nest 47 has huge indentation but no tracks could be seen.

Zone 2: Nest 56 had a few egg shells resulting from a raccoon digging.

Zone 3: Nest 59 had a few shells and evidence of a raccoon. No fresh shells.

Nest 51 more raccoon tracks no nest damage

Nest 54 no activity except raccoon tracks

Zone 4: Crab hole on nest 57 filled in. Also had raccoon tracks

It was apparently the night of the raccoon.

Tuesday, September 6 – Zone 1: Big hole in #58 which was filled. no tracks

Zone 2: Questioned the mound of sand we put on the nest #56 yesterday to deter the raccoon. Only deer tracks near the nest.


Zone 3: Lots of hatchling tracks out of # 54

Zone 4 # 57 looks like it may have a few scouts find their way out last night. Even with the great nest guards that Josh built they still seemed to meander around the beach before finding their way to the water. There were not clear tracks coming out of nest but several loops of tracks in front the nest but not directly out of nest.(see photo)nest-57-9-6

Some tarpon and sharks put on a fabulous show for is at the point. A first for us!

Wednesday, September 7 -Zone 1: #58 lots of crab tracks but no holes.  Beautiful breeze.

Zone 2 all quiet: #56 has a motion sensor on it to deter the raccoon

Zone 3: #54 had tracks – maybe from yesterday, #59 crab holes near the nest.  Found a hatchling half way down the beach on its back. Righted and watched it swim off.

Zone 4:  nothing new. The fish were jumping at the new cut.

It is getting quieter. Only 5 nests left with an inventory of # 54 near the vehicle entrance on North Beach planned for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. And then there were 4.

Thursday, September 8 – All zones reported in with no new image1-4activity. Zone 1 wins creative reporting award with their beautiful sunrise picture from Bohicket Creek.


Friday, September 9 –
 It was another gorgeous day in paradise. The baby turtles must like no see-ums as three of the 4 remaining nests had tracks.

Zone 1: Just the walkers and the birds enjoying the beach. Nest 58 had a few baby tracks among all the crab tracks.

Zone 2: Nest 56 has boiled. It was good to see the raccoons didn’t get all the eggs. All tracks appeared to make it to the high tide line. (See picture)image1-2-1

Zone 3: The tent structure remained for the third day on a row. A card was left requesting it be removed at night. Nest 59 sleeping nicely.

Zone 4: Nest 54 has boiled. There were lots of tracks but interestingly none up by the nest.

Saturday, September 10 –  Zone 1:  5 or 6 tracks out of # 58

Zone 2:  no news

Zone 3:  #59 is quiet

Zone 4:  helped a hatchling into the ocean.

One more day of walking the whole zone. Please pick up all blue flags that don’t have a nest number and all pink flags. Zones 2 and 4 will be finished Sunday. Zones 1 & 3 will only check their nest until it boils after Sunday. Great job everyone. Good season ! The turtles love you

Sunday, September 11 – Zone 1 Nest # 58 boiled. Lots of tracks and large hole.

Zone 2 nest #56 is quiet, the sensor is working.

Zone 3 nothing on # 59. crab tracks around.

Zone 4 no new tracks from # 57.

That’s it for zones 2 and 4. You all can sleep in. Zone 1 you have 2 days of checking # 58 and then you get to sleep. Sorry zone 3. Sounds like you have more time watching sunrises and # 59.

It is always bitter-sweet when the season ends. You hate it is over but you are ready to get on to other things and the end of the season party on October 4. 🎉😢

Submitted by Gary Fansler, Beautsie Zahrn, Terry Fansler and Judy Morr

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