Town’s Hurricane Recovery Update for Sunday Evening, Oct. 9

As of early Sunday evening, reports of damage from direct observation did not indicate much in the way of damage to residences. Charleston County Building Inspections personnel were in the community Sunday conducting their assessment of structural damage. It is expected that we will have their report as early as Monday.

Council inspected the Island today between 4:00 and 6:00pm:

Although there was lots of debris and numerous downed trees, we did not see any instances of structural damage to residences (from the road).

The POA is doing a great job clearing trees and limbs from roads; incidental debris–branches, leaves etc. are also being cleaned up rapidly.

We were not able to circle the Island completely; trees downed at High Hammock and water over the road near the Spinnaker Villas stopped us, However from an inspection made on foot it was reported the Spinnakers looked OK.
In addition to the standing water at the Spinnakers and the Club area, there was water across the roadway at the intersection of Baywood and Seabrook Island Road. Our circuit took place at high tide, so the water may be less of a problem at low tide. Essentially the water over the roads was similar to the flooding that occurred last October.

SIPOA security has been on site since 4:00 pm Sunday, October 9. Charleston County Sheriffs will have patrol at the SIPOA gate Sunday night, October 9.

Most Seabrook Island Utility water lines have maintained water pressure through the storm and except as otherwise notified, (Boil Water Notice issued for Seabrook Island Road between Cap’n Sams Road and Wood Duck) the water is safe to use. SIUC is deploying generator driven pumps for the sewer system lift stations to restore operation of the sewer system.

Power is still out on the island. Updates will be provided as received from Berkeley Electric (we are in regular contact with Berkeley)

Town hall and SIPOA offices will reopen at 8:00 am Monday.

To reiterate, residents may return beginning at noon on Monday, October 10; contractor entry can begin at 8:00 am on Tuesday, October 11. SIPOA Security will ask for owner ID on Monday and turn away contractors prior to designated start time on Tuesday. To prevent unauthorized contractor entry, SIPOA will require contractors who do not have SIPOA access credentials to identify the property owner or agent who requested their services for verification.

We anticipate that debris will be off SIPOA main roads Sunday evening, October 9. As of late Sunday afternoon, water was across roadway on High Hammock, at the intersection of Seabrook Island Road and Baywood, and on Seabrook Island Road from in front of Seabrook Island Club to the Spinnaker Villas. By Sunday evening, side roads will be accessible but may be one lane only.

With contractors engaged to assist with clearing roads, residents are urged to defer their return to the extent not inconvenient to do so to help keep traffic to a minimum while that work proceeds.

-Town of Seabrook Island

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