Hurricane Aftermath – From SIPOA Board President Janet Gorski

Hurricane Aftermath – What You Can Do To Help

It’s only about 72 hours since a major storm battered our community. All things considered, we fared very well. There are several things you can still do to help us all get through the clean-up and repair process. In no special order (because I’m writing this on a cell phone) here they are:

  • Be pleasant to the Security staff. They are doing their jobs, and don’t need lip from any of us. Show them your ID if asked, and drive on.
    Do not expect them to recognize you. They are working in a wet environment in the aftermath of a sewer backup. If you’re so inclined, thank them.  We are waiting on a post-storm service call to get our barcode reader back up and running, but in the meantime, please be patient.
  • Contractors can come in to do work effective this morning (Tuesday). Please be sure that:
    · They do not park in the roadway. SIPOA crews and contractors are still cleaning and clearing. Please stay out of their way.
    · Your contractor is licensed and has completed the correct ARC forms. (Link at the bottom of this e-blast.) ARC staff can approve repairs on the spot. Licensing is a Town and County requirement. It’s also for your protection to ensure that the contractor has the proper professional license and insurance. If in doubt, call the Town to check on licensing. Again, all of this is for your protection.
  • Debris from the roadways is being stacked by the Greenery (SIPOA’s contractor) in small piles for clean up later each day. Please do not drive through the piles. This will mean the work has to be redone.
  • Do not call the Town or SIPOA about power restoration. Berkeley Electric doesn’t care what order we want power restored. They are doing the best job they can do under the circumstances.
  • Please bag your yard debris. This will greatly speed up clean-up and reduce expenses. Bags are available at the SIPOA office.
  • SIPOA will take complaints beginning on Friday. Right now, staff has other, more important things to do to help you. Stop with the rumors. Most of the boardwalks are fine. There was some damage to #1 – expected – and much damage to #3. The beach and cut are fine. Except for the gatehouse, SIPOA structures are fine, small leaks in a few places.

Keep counting your blessings.
Submitted by Janet Gorski, President, SIPOA Board of Directors

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2 Responses to Hurricane Aftermath – From SIPOA Board President Janet Gorski

  1. rjrocks2 says:

    We returned yesterday afternoon and we were really impressed with how well the island looked. We were expecting worse. I was pleasantly surprised that power was restored as quickly as it was. The communications were super helpful while we were away. I think Seabrook has done a fantastic job in response to Hurticane Matthew. I’m grateful to call SI home. Thank you!!

  2. Janet Gorski says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Welcome back home!

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