Highlights from SIPOA Board Meeting: 17 October 2016

The POA Board met on Monday, October 17; all members were present except Mr. Gimson and Mr. Bane.

The hurricane cleanup is dominating efforts of the POA staff, and several POA committee meetings were cancelled due to the evacuation. Consequently, the agenda was relatively light.

Some highlights follow.

Accompanied by SIPOA and Town officials, Coastal Science & Engineering consultants flew over the Cap’n Sams Cut and pronounced a clean bill of health for its condition post-Matthew.

Executive Director Heather Paton summarized the many kinds of work done by the SIPOA staff members before and after Matthew, coordinating with at least ten outside organizations.  She stated that the POA had sold 1700 yard waste bags as of the meeting, and had re-stocked for those property owners who run out during cleanup. They are available at the POA office at their cost.

Board member Phil Squire inquired about the cost of the cleanup. Ms. Paton stated that the cost was running about $12,000 per day, on a 6-day basis, and would continue for approximately another week. When asked, Treasurer Feldman stated that there was no indication at this time that a special assessment would be required from property owners to cover Matthew-related costs.

Board member Mike Orris reported that the annual deer survey is underway. He added that there is no hard data yet, but, anecdotally, there seem to be fewer fawns, fewer does, and more large bucks when compared to last year.

Board member Greg Henry reported that the Nominating Committee will be finishing its interview sessions with prospective Board candidates in the near future, adding that a slate will be announced at the December Board meeting.

Board President Janet Gorski announced that an ad hoc “After Action Review Committee” has been formed to examine how various entities responded to the hurricane, and how closely actual results met those expected from various emergency response plans. One example described was that local law enforcement personnel and/or National Guard personnel were supposed to provide gate security for both Kiawah and Seabrook in the storm’s aftermath. That this failed to occur is one topic that the committee will be investigating.

Board member Julie McCulloch noted that the Holiday Tree Lighting and associated events will occur once again over the Thanksgiving holidays. A canned food donation drive will begin November 1st, with goods collected going to the Sea Island Hunger Awareness campaign. She reported that an initiative is being developed to promote more use of the recently-remodeled Oyster Catcher Community Building.

Board member Dan Kortvelesy announced that there will be an open community planning session on November 1 at 5:00 PM as part of the Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program certification process. This session, the first in a series, will focus on tourism, economic development, and continuing education opportunities. All interested property owners are invited and encouraged to attend.

A motion was approved to replace a broken 200′ storm water pipe on Old Oak Walk.  Work is scheduled to begin in November.

The audience Q&A session led to discussion about several topics.

•There were expressions of confusion about who is responsible for removal of tree debris collected by property owners versus landscape contractors.  President Gorski noted that the POA is having the former removed; contractors are responsible for the debris they generate during clean up.

•There is money in the budget to refresh boundary lines on the landscaped islands in the roads with reflective white paint, but painting fog lines on the outer edges of the roads is not planned at this time.

•Two residents spoke on the need for better efforts from the Board to involve and communicate with part-time residents, one example being to broadcast Board meetings and the Annual Meeting via webcam

•The ARC has been expediting approvals for home repairs.  While ARC approval is not required for removal of trees downed by the storm, other types of tree-related requests are being reviewed onsite in a timely manner.  Heather requested that residents notify ARC about trees downed on undeveloped lots so it can determine how each one should be handled.

•The breakdown in gate security in the storm’s aftermath was described by a property owner who remained on the Island during the storm. He described seeing contractors and other individuals roaming the Island without any clearance. President Gorski responded that this is one of the topics that will be discussed by the After Action Review Committee.

Full official minutes of the meeting will be posted on the SIPOA web site following approval at the November Board Meeting. The next Board Meeting will be on November 14 at 1:00 PM, and Get the Scoop will be held November 14 at 5:30 PM.

-Tidelines Editors

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  1. Vince S says:

    I concur with the two residents that want to see technology used to allow non-residents and those unable to participate on sight to be included in board meetings. Many of the island regimes use this method to facilitate members not on the island and it is a common mode of meeting interaction in business everyday. It can be set up through the phone companies or independent software. It needs to be initiated so that many more can participate in these important meetings.

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