Do You Know Who and What Are On the Ballot?

We all know that Tuesday, November 8, is election day, but do you know who or what you are voting for?

The South Carolina Election Commission, through their website,  will give you this information.    A sample ballot is available on the site.  Once you are there, click on the button to the right that says “Get My Sample Ballot.”  You will need to type in your name, county (Charleston) and date of birth.

It is interesting to note that the sample ballot does not list the opportunity to vote straight party.  The absentee ballot that one of our editors received did allow that.  For your information, the parties listed on the absentee ballot are (in the order that appears on the ballot):

  • Democratic
  • Working Families
  • Constitution
  • Independence
  • Green
  • Republican
  • American
  • Libertarian

The Commission site does not provide any background or make any recommendations.  To get this information, we suggest typing the issues or candidates into your browser.  That will direct you to their website as well as other sites that discuss them.  The Post and Courier  (, Live 5 News (,  News 4 ( and Counton2 ( are some sites to visit as well.

There are seven candidates running unopposed, however you can write in additional names.

There are four school board positions to fill. Unfortunately, information on the candidates is not as easily found.  We were able to find a site that gave some information  It might be a good starting point.

Our polling place is the Lake House and is open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.  Please bring a photo ID.  The ID’s that are accepted are:

  • SC Driver’s License
  • SC DMV ID Card
  • SC Voter Registration Card with photo
  • Federal Military ID
  • US Passport

We look forward to seeing you there.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editors











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