Reminder: Seasonal Change in Dog Requirements on Seabrook Beaches

Jerry Cummin of the Seabrook Island SEADOGS club has requested that we post a reminder that requirements regarding dogs on our beaches change effective today (November 1) and remain in force through April 30, 2017.

  1. Within the Designated Area east of boardwalk #1 on North Beach (accessed from the parking lot on Oyster Catcher Court), dogs are allowed off lead at all times provided they stay below the high water line and remain within voice supervision of their handlers. (Signs for the Designated Area were damaged in the hurricane and are in process of being replaced.)
  2. Dogs are not allowed under any conditions east of the eastern Designated Area marker, going toward Cap’n Sams Spit and the Kiawah River cut. This is a protected area for nesting shore birds. The Town is under binding agreements with regulatory agencies to ensure this requirement is met rigorously.
  3. In other beach areas, dogs are allowed off leads before 10:00 AM and after 5:00 PM, provided they stay below the high water line. Dogs in these areas must remain on leads at all other times.

The map below depicts these conditions. Full text of the applicable ordinance  (Section 32-44) is available on the web sites hosted by the Town and SEADOGS.


-Tidelines Editors

One thought on “Reminder: Seasonal Change in Dog Requirements on Seabrook Beaches”

  1. I love that we have these rules for the dogs, but nobody is willing to enforce them. There were numerous times this summer that I saw dogs off leash on Pelican Beach and oftentimes, running around in the dunes near the turtle nests. I called the Town of Seabrook and SIPOA and nobody is willing to enforce the rules. I even spoke to the Charleston Co. deputy that drives the jeep during the summer and she says she cannot give tickets. Why do we have the rules? And if visitors are not forced to obey them, then why should residents?

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