Stories from Courtside

anita-schrank-and-terry-cherryThere is lots of great tennis going on at the Fleming Tournament, each match with its own story. But here is a story that I particularly like. Anita Schrenk and Terry Cherry are well-reputed tennis players here at Seabrook but not ranked as are many of the players at the tournament. So as they went out to play, they said to each other, we haven’t played together in a year, we are well out-ranked so let’s just go out, relax, have fun and do the best we can.

anita-schrankAnita described the match, saying, “We just kept putting our racquets out and hitting winners. I couldn’t believe it. We beat people we should not have beaten. This will carry us for the next year.”

-Submitted by Sally Kimball

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One Response to Stories from Courtside

  1. Patricia Linton says:

    I know Anita and Terry. They are stars on and off the court. Seabrookers should be proud we are represented by such quality gals!! Go get ’em!

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