Article Title: Spectator View of Another Action Packed Board Meeting

You owe it to yourself to see this Board in action. They volunteer for these positions and have amazing stamina. The meeting started promptly at 1pm going straight through to 4:20pm without any breaks and then was followed by a closed Board session. So many topics, you will have to read for yourself when published. Lively discussions ensued about The Lake House personal and class trainer costs which have been over budget each month. I can remember when this item was proposed years ago to be revenue neutral meaning that the trainers were not to be a profit center but they should be able to deliver attractive interesting packages at The Lake House with minimal cost to the general membership. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem normally but we are not in normal times since the Board will have a huge hurricane cleanup cost to deal with. The over-budget problem was swiftly dealt with as the Board dove in and fixed this revenue problem for the future with a new rate schedule for our Lake House.

In spite of the length of the meeting, the Board still gave the audience ample time to ask multiple questions. Not only did we ask multiple questions, we often got answers right then and there and we were never told that they would look into it. Wonderful interaction and feedback.

A new property owner asked if we had a repair/maintenance budget set aside. We don’t, but instead things are budgeted in as capital expenditures for the year. (I thought this was a good question since in business classes we were always taught to set aside 10% for maintenance/depreciation each year to save up for these expenditures).

I got a chance to express my personal concern about the lack of debris pickup during the hurricane cleanup for vacant lots which became a hardship for our family. To be fair, I don’t mind paying an assessment for the vacant lot if there is one, but I do think the lot should have received the service if we are going to have to pay for it. Our President is preparing a huge summary of observations she has collected, good and bad. She intends to catalog suggested improvements for the future.

This is an amazing, professional, talented group of people along with a very engaged staff who are serving us in 2016. You need to see at least one meeting in action. They even answered a lengthy letter written to the SIPOA President. The fact that our individual input is respected and valued is a material change. This Board is even instituting a new website for commentary from us that will not be published for the general public but will go straight to the Board for review. When is the last time that somebody actually cared enough about us to provide an opportunity for us to speak unfiltered? Again, an amazing Board.

-Submitted by Lori Hilker



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