SINHG’s Toast to the Town!

Why is it not surprising that some of the most popular SINHG trips have involved the tippling of good craft beer, wine, and the good hard stuff? A new trip this fall was the Charleston Distillery Tour which accomplished two of these things very well indeed. We began at Holy City Brewery where we enjoyed a delicious lunch al fresco and sampled many of the brewery’s popular craft beers.

1110161337aWe then boarded the brewmobile and zoomed off to the Striped Pig Distillery where we learned about the distilling process and sampled a bit of vodka, rye whiskey, rum, gin, and moonshine, all the while trying to maintain decorum and tour the facility.


Somehow—we can’t remember—we ended up at the High Wire Distillery bending elbows and searching for the trapeze act in the warehouse. Before long we clambered back on the brewmobile and headed home. It was reported that some people heard a lusty chorus of ‘A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall’ emanating from the bus windows as we tootled along. At any rate, a grand time was had by all. Be sure to look for this fun trip the next time we run it.


-Submitted by Carol Bane

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One Response to SINHG’s Toast to the Town!

  1. Mary Beth Joyce says:

    I sure enjoy waking up in the morning and reading a post by Carol Bane. Never fails to put a smile on my face!

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