Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes

Below are the abridged Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes from December 6, 2016:

Lake Dredging Project

Sediment was removed as well as over 50 trees downed by the hurricane. In addition, SIPOA made selective cuttings from lake banks.

There was a discussion about extreme cuttings around Mallard Lake. Wildlife corridors are an integral part of our island for acetic and environmental purposes. It was suggested that the SIPOA guidelines coincide with those of the ARC.

Wildlife Mapping

There was a distinct reduction of wild turkey sightings since Thanksgiving. And, a few rabbits have been seen on the island.

Nature Trails

The trails are in good shape. A section of Bobcat Dune Trail boardwalk has been repaired and is now level. Signage priority for 2017 will be dolphin, turtle photos and informational signs.

OCS Resource Development

As previously reported, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) had announced on March 15 that there would be no lease sales in the Mid-and South Atlantic program area.

Audubon International

Community meeting #2 is scheduled for Thursday, December 8 at Oyster Catcher Community Center at 5:00 PM. Focus areas to be discussed include Housing, Recreation and Infrastructure.

Turtle Patrol

There was a discussion on the value of inventories to help hatchlings to the water that had not made it out of the nest.

Deer Management

Surveys have been completed. There was no need to take deer this year as the herd was below maximum level.

SI Birders

The signage buoys will be returned to the water with stronger anchoring. Piping Plovers will be counted soon. Dog regulation signs will be replaced on North Beach.

Palmetto Lake Fish Toxicity Test

The lake fish (bass, brim and catfish) were tested for 10 different metals including mercury. Low levels of mercury were found but no detectable levels of other metals.

Palmetto Lake Fishing Dock

There was a discussion on a proposed dock for the lake to keep people from fishing too close to the banks where alligators might approach fishing activity. The committee discussed a t-shaped dock with regulation height for railing and a width to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Submitted by Jane Marvin

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7 Responses to Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes

  1. Charles Bensonhaver says:

    After observing what happens in and around Palmetto Lake almost daily, now for over 5 years, I wholeheartedly support the building of a fishing pier where ALL the fishing of the lake must occur. I believe that, currently dogs and small children at water’s edge are especially vulnerable to serious injury and death from alligators. Fishermen are as well.

    • Gail Talton says:

      A fishing pier would draw alligators and give people another excuse to complain about them. Why not prohibit fishing? Let the fish feed the wild life. There are many other places to fish…

  2. Gail Talton says:

    A fishing dock is an unnecessary expense and will draw alligators. There are plenty of other places for fishing. More platforms for alligators and turtles to sun themselves would be a better investment. The lake should continue as a serene place to be quiet and enjoy nature.

  3. Irene says:

    Yes, I agree. Don,t commercialize this area.

  4. Cherie Squire says:

    At Dec 12th SIPOA board mtg, a fishing pier at a cost up to $35,000 was approved by the board. It is included in the 2017 capital budget. Happy fishing!

    • Gail Talton says:

      A good reason to attend Board Meetings I gues..SIPOA should put things like this to a vote. That is a lot of money to please a few people and it will disturb the serenity of the lake.

  5. Guy Gimson says:

    Could there be some association between the decline of the wild turkey flock and the date?

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