December 7th Abridged Safety & Security Minutes

The following is an abridged summary of the minutes from the December 7, 2016 Safety & Security meeting. A complete copy of the minutes is available in the archives section of the SIPOA website at

Committee discussion topics:
• Trash Dumping Special Committee report: Dennis reviewed with the committee the results of the special meeting on trash dumping. Following much discussion, the S&S Committee unanimously recommended adding a $100 fine option to allow more flexibility based on the severity of the violation. Dennis will make this recommendation to the SIPOA Board.
• Uber Issue: The Committee reviewed the procedure for Uber admission through the gate, concluding that if the passenger has a pass no special permission is required.
• Passing on the roads policy: The Committee discussed a property owner concern regarding passing on SI roads, concluding that the current policy is in the SI bylaws and should stand.
• Gate passes for contractors: The Committee reviewed the SIPOA policy regarding admission of contractors through the gate, concluding that this is an operational decision. This procedure will be reviewed further after upgraded software is added when the new gatehouse is completed.
• COVAR: The Committee discussed the authority of SI Security to enforce parking violations.

SIPOA Security (G4S) Report for December, 2016
• Citations: There were 88 traffic citations issued in November, which included the following:
 39 speeding violations
 22 stop sign violations
 1 unlawful passing
 1 failure to stop
 5 no pass displayed violations
 1 expired pass
 9 no drivers license violations
 5 no registration
 1 leaving the scene violation
 2 pet violations
 2 commercial access violations
All appeals were reviewed and/or heard by the Committee and decisions were made based on the facts and merits of each case.

A complete copy of the minutes is available in the archives section of the SIPOA website at

Bill Bryant, Secretary; Dennis Nagy, Chair

Submitted by

Bill Bryant

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5 Responses to December 7th Abridged Safety & Security Minutes

  1. Robin Girardi says:

    I am interested in the last item, “Security enforcement of parking regulations “on these Safety and Security minutes for December 6th. Each of the discussion topics listed includes a “conclusion.” There is no conclusion to the topic discussed for COVAR : Security enforcement of parking regulations. I tried to access the complete minutes using the http://www.association ResourceCenter website but was unsuccessful even with an advanced search.
    So, I have two questions: was there a conclusion reached? Where would I find the minutes of the discussion online?
    Thank you,
    Robin Girardi
    Treeloft Villas HOA Board

  2. Janet Gorski says:

    Hi Ms. Girardi-
    SIPOA Board is reaching out to COVAR asking it to help coordinate with the 41 regimes and associations on how SIPOA Security can receive clear directions with regard to vehicles parked in regime/association properties that should be ticketed. Obviously, a vehicle shouldn’t be ticketed just because its ‘destination’ on a gate pass is elsewhere because the vehicle’s owners might be guests for the evening. There are no ‘minutes’ for this because these discussions with COVAR representatives have not yet been held.

  3. Bill Bryant says:

    Robin, the full minutes are located in the archives section of the SIPOA website under the Committee Meeting Minutes tab at
    If you need assistance in logging in to the SIPOA site please contact Shawna at the SIPOA office at (843) 768-0061.
    In answer to your question, the full text of that paragraph regarding COVAR read:
    • COVAR: The Committee discussed the authority of SI Security to enforce parking violations, concluding that we have no way of differentiating approved guests from violators and we must therefore rely on the Regimes to advise us of parking violations. However we will continue to enforce violations of boats and trailers.

    • Robin Girardi says:

      Thanks, Bill. I believe the recent clarification of SIPOA Security procedures will help us develop our own communication to Treeloft homeowners as well as clarifying our expectations for SIPOA security.

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