Letter to the Editor-SIPOA Snail Mail Packet with Ballots

Letter clipart SAVEWe just received our annual packet from SIPOA by EMAIL filled with pertinent information for us as property owners. We received it by email because we opted out of wanting to have it sent through the postal mail. If you are one of the 956 property owners who still receives your voting packet in the mail, please consider having it emailed next year. About 1000 property owners get it by email.

If you get a mailed packet you will notice there is a hot pink half sheet enclosed with your envelope. If you fill that out and return it with your ballots, this will enable you to receive the packet by email in the future.

Several homeowners volunteered for two days to assemble 31 sheets of paper (really 48 double-sided regarding printing costs) for each packet to almost 1000 homeowners at a cost of $5000. ($1.99 to mail the packet and 65 cents to return the ballots.)

Apparently, SC law requires a mailed copy be sent to the homeowner, unless the homeowner opts out for email delivery. Perhaps consider opting out of postal delivery when you receive your mailed packet. As homeowners, the cost to our trees and our finances should be considered. Food for thought. 

-Submitted by Kathy Maher, Seabrook Island, SC

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  1. Cherie Squire says:

    Thank you for this reminder! On-line is the way to go!

    A 31 page (or 45) paper voting package is certainly too much paper.

    Hopefully the trash schedule can be eliminated next year and save 1000 sheets of paper from going in the trash.

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