SIPOA Emergency Preparedness Task Force Members Selected

Late last fall, SIPOA President Janet Gorski requested the formation of a special task force to look at post-Matthew “lessons learned” and make recommendations for future improvements and enhancements.

When the call went out for property owners to volunteer for this effort, we had no idea what to expect, so we were thrilled to hear from almost two dozen people who wanted to help. One of our objectives was to gather a group who reflected the breadth of property ownership “types” that exist on Seabrook. We wanted villa owners and single family home owners, residents and non-residents. We also wanted to include some folks who were relatively new to the island, as well as more “seasoned” Seabrookers.

After many conversations with applicants and much deliberation, the task force members have been named and we look forward to working with them. This well-balanced group is made up of 6 villa owners and 6 single family home owners. There are 4 non-residents (2 in villas & 2 in single family homes) and 8 residents.

The first task force meeting will be in mid-February and our work will conclude no later than June 1st, coinciding with the start of hurricane season.

Please welcome:

Lynn Baker
Larry Blasch
Ryan Cook
Allan Keener
Bruce Kleinman
Penny Lee
Jim Murphy
Bill Nelson
Cathrine Scully
Leigh Ann Smith
Frank Stare
Sarah Waterfill

-Submitted by Julie McCulloch & Guy Gimson
SIPOA Board of Directors

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One Response to SIPOA Emergency Preparedness Task Force Members Selected

  1. Carole King says:

    Good work!


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