SIPOA Election Process Special Committee Established

The SIPOA Board of Directors has established an Election Process Special Committee [“Committee”] through unanimous consent and endorsement of a motion, SIPOA President Janet Gorski announced today. The creation of this ad hoc advisory Committee is effective immediately.

The purpose of this Committee is to evaluate and make recommendations to the Board for consideration regarding current SIPOA election processes, policies and procedures, in an effort to promote the following:

  • Election materials that are user-friendly and easy to understand;
  • Election processes and procedures that are user-friendly and easy to understand;
  • That honesty, civility and respectful communication in all forms will be the standard throughout the election process;
  • The accuracy and consistency of all election documents; and
  • An enhanced election interest and participation by all Property Owners to ensure that we can attain a quorum to conduct business.

The Committee’s work will begin immediately and it is expected that the final report will be completed not later than July 31, 2017.

The Committee will be co-chaired by Con Constandis and Phil Squire.

The Committee will be comprised of 5 to 7 Property Owners to be selected by the co-chairs.

If you would like to serve on the Election Process Special Committee, please submit your interest by emailing

Interim recommendations will be submitted to the Board and will be circulated for comment to Property Owners for a three-week period. Once all comments are received and evaluated, final recommendations will be made by the Committee to the Board for consideration.

Click here for a link to the approved unanimous consent motion.

-Submitted by Janet Gorski, President, SIPOA

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