Brown & White Pickup Date Changed to February 17

To coincide with the Annual Meeting, when there are many more Seabrook home owners on the Island, the brown & white pick up will take place on February 17 (instead of tomorrow).

-Tidelines Editor

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3 Responses to Brown & White Pickup Date Changed to February 17

  1. Don Smith says:

    Bummer. My stuff is already out on the street! Thanks for the late notice. I intend to leave it out there as my back can’t take moving it 2 more times. Lots of kids’ beach toys and some Christmas and Easter stuff if anyone is interested.

  2. Richard Marion says:

    Not a great decision — at least untimely notification. We also had significant amount of item out and ready. I thought we were doing first-Friday of the month (quarterly). đŸ˜¦

  3. Anne Snelgrove says:

    Sure wish this decision had been made AND publicized sooner. Many people, myself included, put white & brown out Thursday night. I’ve noticed a large number of piles still sitting on the curb around the island. Heading out to bring my ugly old grill in now.

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