Seabrook Swim Club is for You!

Our fledgling swim club is off to a great start. After a wildly successful Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day, the club is up and running. Our daily 11am till noon pool time is not only a swim practice but also a social event where swimmers of all levels introduce themselves to each other, share stroke and training tips, teach each other and even coach each other. Our 3 lanes are often booked by our members in advance online.

I have recently heard an unfortunate rumor suggesting that the swim club is just for Masters swimmers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We certainly do have some great swimmers but the majority of us are average recreational swimmers trying to get or keep fit, and several are novices trying to learn. Additionally, we have swimmers with cardiac pacemakers, artificial joints, diabetes and Parkinson Disease.
Our mission is to encourage swimming for everyone, to help each other swim better and to get and keep fit and most importantly to have fun!

To join the swim club (it’s free), send me an email at


Keep on swimming.

-Submitted by Derek Fyfe.

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