SI Birders Invites Everyone to Meet Patrick McMillan – February 22

SIB Presents Patrick McMillan – Emmy-Award Winning Host of PBS Show
“Expeditions with Patrick McMillan”

patrickFew creatures capture our attention and admiration more than hummingbirds. These miniature jeweled treasures move at mind-boggling speeds but also have the power to shape and change our world. Join Patrick McMillan as he explores the lives and biology of these creatures using high-tech technologies to uncover the secret lives of these little birds that live life in fast-forward.

Please help us know how much wine, snacks and chairs we will need by letting us know you plan to join us! Click here!

If you would like to join or renew your SIB Membership, download the SIB Membership Form and either drop it off or bring the form and your $10 per person per year when you sign in at this event.

All Seabrook Island residents and guests are welcome. There is a $5 donation for non SIB members. Information about future programs can be found at the SIB web site

About Patrick McMillan…

Patrick McMillan is the host, co-creator and writer of the popular, Emmy-award winning ETV nature program Expeditions with Patrick McMillan. For over 25 years, Patrick has worked as a professional naturalist, biologist and educator. Patrick is the Glenn and Heather Hilliard Professor of Environmental Sustainability at Clemson University, and the director of the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

Patrick received his B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Clemson University. He is a contributor to the book Life at the Water’s Edge, which won the 2005 Renewable Natural Resources Foundations Outstanding Achievement Award and has been selected to receive one of ten South Carolina Notable State Document Awards for 2005.

In addition to hosting Expeditions, Patrick has also hosted a birding program on SCETV Radio’s “Your Day” and is a frequent guest on other “Your Day” programs. He has received four Emmy Awards for his Expeditions programs, his fourth Emmy having been received for his work on hummingbirds.

(Photo credit:  SI Birders)

-Submitted by Nancy Brown

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