Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting, February 28, at 2:30pm at Town Hall


  1. Pledge of Allegiance-Call to Order-Roll Call-Freedom of Information
  2. Minutes – Town Council Meeting of January 24, 2017

Public Hearing of January 24, 2017

Ways & Means Committee Meeting of February 21, 2017

  1. Financials – For the Month of January 2017
  2. Citizens/Guests Presentations, Comments:
  3. Reports of Standing Committees, Commissions, Boards:

Public Safety/Club Long Range Planning Committee – John Gregg

  • Disaster Awareness Day Expenditure – $6,000

Communications/Environmental – Jody Turner

  • DNR’s January 26, 2017, Visit to Seabrook Island

Advertising & Public Relations/Special Projects – John Wells

  • Update on G. Robert George & Assoc.

Community Relations – Skip Crane

  • Update on Bohicket Marina
  • Town – Collection Point for American Flags
  • Lou Hammond Group – Response to Website Audit & Results of 2/24/17 Meeting – Motion to Accept their Advertising/PR Proposal
  • Property Owners Association Election Results
  • Public Meetings Regarding New FEMA Flood Maps

Ways & Means                                                

Planning Commission

Board of Zoning Appeals


  1. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:


  1. Reports of Town Officers:


  • TSA Pre-Check
  • Business License Standardization Act
  • Transfer of Funds to Emergency Fund

Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator

Town Council Members

Utility Commission


  1. Petitions Received, Referred or Disposed of: None


  1. Ordinances for First Reading: None
  2. Ordinances for Second Reading:
  • Ordinance 2017-01, An Ordinance to Rezone 1196 Oyster Catcher Court and 3234 Middle Dam from the Single-Family Residential District to the Agricultural-Conservation District


  1. Miscellaneous Business


  1. Citizens Comments


  1. Adjourn

Submitted by

Faye Allbritton, SI Town Clerk/Treasurer

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