Council of Villa Associations and Regimes (COVAR) Officers Election, February 22

On February 22, 2017, a COVAR Officers Election Ballot for 2017-2018 and supporting biographical documents and position statements were mailed to the president of each of Seabrook Island’s 41 associations/regimes, who are their organization’s respective COVAR voting members. The deadline to cast their ballots is March 8. The results will be announced to each president and candidate on March 10 and to the public at the COVAR meeting on the following day. The new slate of officers will assume office at the end of that meeting.

This is a contested election between Allan Keener and Philip Squire for President, Gary Quigley and Mary Torello for Vice President and Floyd DeAndrade and Cherie Squire for Treasurer with Cindy Brown running unopposed for Secretary. Under these circumstances, it is very important that villa owners ensure that their respective associations/regimes exercise their voting rights in order to have a say in determining COVAR’s future course.

-Submitted by Allan W. Keener, President, COVAR

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