Abridged Minutes: 3-1-17 SIPOA Safety & Security Meeting

This is a summary of the minutes from the March 1, 2017, Safety & Security committee meeting. A complete copy of the minutes will be available upon approval at the next SIPOA board meeting in the archives section of the SIPOA website at http://www.associationvoice.com/ResourceCenter/15432/Library

Committee discussion topics:
• The proposed 2017 meeting dates were approved by the Committee. Ed confirmed that we will use video-conferencing to allow members who are off site to participate in future meetings.
• Committee Chair Ed Houff and the committee members each provided a brief introduction of their backgrounds. Ed provided an overview of his goals for the coming year, emphasizing that he will seek committee input on future policy changes and other significant issues. He will also report back to the Committee on Board issues and decisions relating to Safety & Security.
• Ed provided the committee with an outline of revised Safety & Security Policies which were approved by the Board on 12-19-2016. He asked Committee members to review them and provide input on changes prior to our April meeting, for discussion at that meeting. He will form a sub-committee to finalize this project.
• Cyber-security: Ed requested input from the Committee and will add the discussion of this topic to the agenda for an upcoming meeting.
• Entrance to the Seabrook Island: Ed will form a sub-committee on to review current admission policy and any recommended changes regarding admission to the island. Since there are many things we cannot control, such as Camp St. Christopher, rental guests and Club visitors, we need to make sure that our policy is efficient and correct, while protecting the security of property owners.
• Electric vehicles: Electric bicycles, skateboards and golf carts are an increasingly popular technology and we will review current policy for any changes the Committee feels are warranted.
• Ed emphasized that property owner input on security and other SIPOA issues is welcomed on publiccomment@sipoa.org . This is the only site for public comments since the SIPOA Board and staff does not monitor other websites such as Nextdoor, Facebook and others.

SIPOA Security (G4S) Report for February, 2017
• Citations: There were 51 traffic citations issued in January, which included the following:
o 32 speeding violations
o 3 no driver licenses
o 2 failures to stop
o 3 no passing violations
o 1 animal/pet violation
o 3 no registration violations
o 4 trailer violations
o 1 commercial access violation
o 1 no parking violation
o 1 logo violation
• All appeals were reviewed and/or heard by the Committee and decisions were made based on the facts and merits of each case.

A complete copy of the minutes is available in the archives section of the SIPOA website at http://www.associationvoice.com/ResourceCenter/15432/Library

-Submitted by Bill Bryant, Secretary; Ed Houff, Chair


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