Highlights from the SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting on March 20, 2017

Below is a summary of some topics discussed at this month’s meeting.  (The official minutes of the meeting, providing full details from the meeting, will be published on the SIPOA website following the minutes’ approval at the April Board meeting.)

Executive Director Heather Paton reported on a number of items.  The annual street sweeping of live oak leaves (to keep them out of the storm sewer system) will continue for another two weeks.  Reconstruction of Boardwalk 3 is nearly complete.  New flooring has replaced carpeting in the Lake House’s Live Oak room, making it possible to use the room for a greater variety of exercise classes.  Also in the Live Oak room, improvements to the sound and video systems are under way.  SIPOA’s new publiccomment@sipoa.org received 33 emails in February, two thirds of them about the Lake House sign that was installed in front of the building (and is now removed—see “Gimson” below).

Directors each gave a short update on their status of meeting with their newly-assigned committees.  In some cases, the first meeting of a committee will take place in the next week or two.  Guy Gimson (General Operations and Maintenance) reported that Gatehouse completion is scheduled for May 11, adding that he will soon publish an update on Tidelines.  He said that the new Lake House sign is being “downsized” to match the size of the Club’s Equestrian Center sign; when installed, it will be positioned farther back from the street so it does not block visibility for drivers.  Ed Houff (Legal) said that the committee will study the topic of electric personal vehicles (bicycles, scooters, etc.) at the request of the Safety & Security committee, and also will consider the feasibility of requiring that trucks/trailers cover their loads to prevent items from flying onto roads and walkways.  The committee is monitoring progress of the State’s legislative initiative relating to Homeowner Associations.  Mr. Houff (now for Safety & Security) reported that the committee will add cybersecurity to the topics it is studying.  Dan Kortvelesy (Planning) reported that the committee will add the topic of the Island’s voice/video/data infrastructure to its areas of study.

SIPOA Board President Ed Jones oversaw a discussion about lessons learned and prospective improvements in the Election and Nominating Committee processes.  A report on each topic is due from the Election Improvement Special Committee by May 2, 2017.  Upon availability of these reports, Property Owners will have an opportunity to provide comments at publiccomment@sipoa.org.  In addition, Mr. Jones highlighted two other special committees—Housing and Emergency Preparedness—which will be providing recommendations as the year progresses.

Mr. Jones also highlighted several upcoming general improvements.  He described the sort of presentation and communications upgrades that will soon be installed in the Live Oak room of the Lake House, primarily for providing enhanced accessibility for Property Owners to participate in or listen to Board discussions wherever they may be, and for use in other meetings as well.  He shared that SIPOA is investigating new access software for the Gatehouse, adding that information will be provided in the weekly e-Blast and on Tidelines before any change is implemented.   He also shared that Tidelines is celebrating its third anniversary.  Finally, Mr. Jones reported that electronic card readers (similar to what is installed at the Lake House entry doors) will be installed in May at the Oyster Catcher Community Center for improved access control.

Several Motions were put forth for Board consideration and approved:
-Contracting for $25,000 with Peek Pavement Marking for reflective striping around the traffic islands
-Authorization to use parts of the island’s roads for the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club’s annual 5/10K Run
-Assigning authority to act in absence of Executive Director (ED), for times when the ED is absent for three or more days, in order to deal with time-sensitive issues that arise; depending on topic and availability, this authority is granted to SIPOA’s Executive Committee members in the following sequence:Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and then President
-Rescheduling the Board’s August meeting (if needed) from 8/21 to 8/14 to avoid holding the meeting on the same day as the solar eclipse

The next meeting of the SIPOA Board will be held on April 17, 2017.

Tidelines Editors

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2 Responses to Highlights from the SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting on March 20, 2017

  1. Guy Gimson says:

    Please correct the $ amount referenced for Peek Pavement Marking; the approved contract amount is $25,000.

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