Tim the Tambourine Man

Most of you know Tim McBride, a fellow Seabrooker who also works at Harris Teeter in Freshfields.  He is the son of Bob and Jan McBride.

Tim McBride, the “Man About Town,” has always been a huge fan of country singer Toby Keith. For Christmas last year, his sister Kelly gave him tickets to attend a Toby Keith concert in Tampa Bay on March 9.

Tim flew down last week for the event with 3 different Toby Keith t-shirts, a “Big Dog Daddy” ball cap and his tambourine.

The day of the concert, Kelly’s significant other, Kyle, arranged for Tim, Kelly and Kyle to get some Meet and Greet passes. During the event, Tim had his tambourine and was obviously very excited about meeting Toby Keith.  According to Tim’s sister, when the photographer asked Tim to raise the tambourine in the air, Tim did it with gusto.  At that point Toby Keith said “Hey, let’s get that guy on stage.”

Once up there, Tim was really pumped and sang  “Red Solo Cup” and “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,”  right along with Toby Keith, all the while enthusiastically playing his tambourine.  He then remained onstage dancing as well as performing a tambourine solo.   He became known to the audience as Toby’s “my little tambourine man.”

Tim is now officially a real “rock star” and will never forget his moments of fame. Special thanks to Toby Keith,  who is a real hero.

To see a clip of the concert, click on this link https://youtu.be/JFEXt18T9jI

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