HUP, 2, 3, 4! SINHG Visits The Citadel

It was a beautiful, warm spring day and there we were, a rag-tag band of SINHGERS moseying around the Citadel quad, loosely following our cadet guide, who, during his 4 years at the school had somehow conquered the art of walking backwards, herding cats (us) and fielding all sort of inane questions (Is your uniform wool?) all at the same time. This, in addition to completing a grueling course of study and rising in rank to Commander of O Company. We saw and heard it all—from the academic buildings to the Daniel Library, Summerall Chapel, the barracks with their checkerboard marching squares, and the M4 Sherman tank permanently parked on the parade grounds (the one the engineering students managed to resurrect and drive down King Street not once but twice under the cloak of darkness).

Our rambling was in distinct opposition to the crisply cadenced drill of the cadets and marching band during the Retreat Parade that followed our tour. We sat on bleachers in the cool of the shade while before us passed a splendid array of impeccable uniforms preceded by gleaming bugles, thundering drums and howling bagpipes. And we silently returned the salute of our young guide as Company O passed by. These are young men and women of whom we are so proud. It was a great day at The Citadel.

To se a short video of the parade, turn on your sound and check out the video here.

-Submitted by Carol Bane

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