BB&T Issues Fraud Warning

BB&T has issued the following warning:

Did you know tax season is peak identity theft season? Whether you are waiting for your refund or racing to meet the filing deadline, look out for phone, text, and email scams that pretend to be official IRS communications.

Criminals use this hot topic to trick you into giving up your confidential information so they can commit crimes like taking over your bank accounts, making fraudulent purchases, applying for loans, or establishing utility services in your name.

Common scams claim there is an urgent situation requiring your immediate attention, such as an issue with processing your refund, additional forms, or an audit warning.  Know the signs of a scam:

 – Emails that appear to be from the IRS with suspicious links and attachments.
 – Text messages that instruct you to call a toll-free number to address an urgent issue.
 – Phone calls with a pre-recorded message that ask you to provide confidential information.

Don’t believe these messages. Scammers can mask their email addresses, making them appear to come from a company when in fact they don’t.  Also, toll-free numbers can be set up quickly with pre-recorded messages that prompt you to enter your credit or debit card number and PIN.”

A reminder – if you need to contact your bank or credit card, use the telephone number on your statement or the back of your credit card.  To contact the IRS, only use their website for contact information:

– Tidelines Editors

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