Seabrook Artists Compete in Artfields 2017, April 21-29

Photographs by Seabrook Island artists Ted Henderer, Kathleen Pompe, Patricia Schaefer and Stanford Ullner will be featured in Artfields 2017, an annual arts festival in Lake City, South Carolina.

Over 400 works of art by talented artists from the Southeast will be displayed in public and private venues throughout this quaint Southern town, approximately two hours northeast of Charleston.

Take a drive, cast your votes for our Seabrookers in the People’s Choice Awards, and enjoy the food and musical venues located throughout the historic district in Lake City.

For additional information on this art competition and festival check the website:

Ted Henderer’s “Pittenweem”
was taken in the fishing village of Pittenweem in Fife on the east coast of Scotland.  I was struck by the close proximity of this row of houses to the harbor.
Kathleen Pompe’s
“Canyon Rhythm,” taken in Antelope Canyon, AZ, is a composite image of slices of intense light and deep pockets of shadow, assembled to create a striking, pulsating tempo.
Patricia Schaefer’s image “Double Vision,” taken on King Street in Charleston, is a photograph of Mr. Smith who Is standing next to the photograph taken by Jack Alterman of the same man,. The image shows timelessness and contrast.
Stanford Ullner’s “Ineinoria” is of a wall in Guatemala City with an old poster with the word “ineinoria”. Trying to translate, I found several prepositions which
may be applicable giving a different meaning. The wall itself can be seen by different preposition as well. I leave it to others to translate.

-Submitted by Patricia Schaefer

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