Earth Day Everyday at Seabrook

April 22 is Earth Day. Last year the environmental committee held a small but meaningful celebration at the Lake House. For various reasons the committee can not put on a celebration this year. But, we can recognize the day and each celebrate in our own special way.IMG_0701-3

Everyday all of us should find something to appreciate about this island. Why do we love living on Seabrook? Perhaps, it’s the ocean, or the wildlife, or the climate or lush vegetation. But what if one or maybe two of these natural resources disappeared.

What if the ocean became polluted, or the wildlife began dying off, or our lush vegetation gradually turned into a desert? Would anyone want to live here? As American Naturalist John Muir said, ” When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”


If nothing else on April 22 we can give thanks for all that makes our island a beautiful place to live. Never take for granted this slice of earth that we call home. Those before us have worked so hard to keep this island in its natural state for humans and wildlife to live in harmony. And those present continue that work day to day in numerous ways. Here are the most visible community organizations:

1. SIPOA Environmental Committee
2. Audubon International Sustainable Communities Committee
3. Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol
4. Seabrook Gardeners
5. Green Space Conservancy
6. Sea Dogs
7. Seabrook Island Birders
8. Seabrook Garden Club
10. St. Christopher’s Herpetology department

If it were not for these groups and our excellent professional staff from the Town, the Seabrook Island Club and SIPOA watching diligently over our piece of paradise it would not be the idyllic place where we want to live.

When you see a member of these committees thank them for all the volunteer hours they spend on our behalf. Better yet, become involved and join one of these organizations. The EC Committee welcomes anyone who would like to begin working on Earth Day plans for 2018. Please call or email Jane Marvin, 336-413-0704;

It takes all of us (a village) to keep our little island the precious gem that it is. On Earth Day and everyday do your part for the present and future sustainability of Seabrook Island.

Submitted by

Jane Marvin
Environmental Committee


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  1. On Earth Day and every day…We can all keep Seabrook beautiful by picking up trash around the island that can end up in our waterways. Take an empty bag on a daily walk…you will be surprised how quickly it can be filled.

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