Swimming Far for Fun – April 24

Swimming Far for Fun.

If you ever wanted to swim the English Channel but were perhaps too busy, if you are a swimmer, runner or cyclist, or if you just enjoy hearing about great feats of physical endurance, please join us for Kathleen Wilson’s presentation on Monday evening April the 24th at 6-30pm at the Lake house, Live Oak Hall, when Kathleen will talk about some of her epic swims and what it takes to prepare and complete such events.

Kathleen was the first woman from South Carolina to swim the English Channel. She has also complete the marathon Swim around Manhattan, the Catalina Channel, the Molokai Channel and the North Dakota Red River 36 mile race and several other amazing swims. As if that wasn’t enough she also plays the harp for The Charleston Orchestra but her most stressful event might be as a Council person for James Island.

Kathleen may also mention her SwimCalm program for adults who fear the water as well as her own beloved annual event, The Swim Around Charleston. All are welcome. Sponsored by the Seabrook Island Swimming Club.

-Submitted by Derek Fyfe

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