GOMC Summary April 2017

GOMC Summary April 2017

Here are the highlights of the GOMC meeting held on Monday, April 3, 2107

• Boardwalks
– BW 3 rebuild complete in IPE. Composite sections are included to evaluate their durability in this environment.
– BW 1 will be rebuilt in the Fall using IPE. We are exploring the creation of a new parking area adjacent to the handicapped access ramp; the existing area was washed over by Matthew.

• Lake House
– Year on year energy consumption has been reduced 24% after the LED installation and controls upgrade in April/May 2016.
– Plans for the fishing dock were reviewed; it will be 20’ x 30’, 3’ above the waterline, sited NW of the loading dock area.

Beach Condition Report
We have received the 2017 Coastal Science and Engineering (CS & E) report on our beach condition. In summary:
– North Beach is very healthy, the bird habitat is in excellent condition.
– Cap’n Sams inlet migrated 225 ft. south in the past year, more than the long term average of 135 ft./yr., probably because of Hurricane Matthew.
– CS & E recommends permitting for beach scraping to move surplus sand from N. Beach to the Beach Club area, where the beach is not so healthy. Permitting is likely to take 15-18 months.
– CS & E recommends leaving dead wax myrtles on the dune line to assist rebuilding dunes.

• Traffic Signs
– New SCDOT compliant traffic signs will be installed in May. All STOP signs will be at 5’ above grade and reflective, unlike the current mix of signs.
– GOMC declined to remove STOP signs at Baywood & Capt Sams Road.

-Submitted by Guy Gimson, GOMC Chair

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