New on the Scene

There are three new places in our surrounding area that we might want to explore. One is a coffee shop, the second, a fitness studio and the third, a store for jeans made for women by women. The coffee shop is Kava, the fitness studio is Studio 33 and the jeans shop is Beija Flor. The jeans shop has opened, and the other two plan on opening at the end of May.

Kava – The new coffee shop, Kava, is located next door to Crave Restaurant. Kava means coffee in the Czech Republic and the owner is Petra Petrillo, who is from the Czech Republic. This coffee shop is quite different from the Starbucks norm. First, there is a special water filter that will allow them to make coffee that should be special. Then they will be serving all kinds of coffees as well as pastries, sandwiches, fresh juices, and salads. There will be ice cream as well, which you can take from a large freezer in either small or large containers. All of these items (except the ice cream) will be made at Crave, the restaurant next door. They stressed that all of their food will be on the lighter side.

The interesting twist to this coffee shop is that they will also have a beer and wine license and will even be carrying ice cream with alcohol in it. They can put a scoop of this into your coffee and really start your day off. There will be seating for 32 inside as well as hi-speed internet. There will also be products for sale made by locals.

Petra said she planned a soft opening for either May 16 or 17.

Beija Flor – This is the shop that has already opened and is currently located at 164 Gardners Circle in Freshfields, between the Post Office and Ladles. They will be moving to the site McLaughlin’s now occupies at the end of August. Buffy Pangle is the Store Manager.

This is a shop that features jeans for women made by women. The owners are a mother and daughter team, Kathy Moca and Emilie Whitaker. They started with the challenges that they and many women face when they try to buy jeans, and that is it is hard to find a good fit. They had both been to Brazil where their husband/father came from and noticed that jeans in Brazil seemed to fit all types of women’s bodies looking great. So they decided to design their own.

They put together a production team in Brazil and have developed four styles of jeans which all have names and seem to encompass the range of bodies women have. They say their jeans are engineered to work with your curves not against them.

Oprah Magazine called them “miracle jeans”.

Studio 33Liz Silva owns Studio 33 which is located a 209 Farmlake View in Freshfields. Liz plans on setting up a high-end wellness studio offering classes in yoga and pilates. She will also be offering nutritional classes via a health coach who will hold weekly and monthly classes. The combination of exercise and nutrition allows her to effect mind/body offerings.

Liz is hoping to do a lot of workshops of various kinds. There will be a beginner’s yoga workshop, which will run one hour a week for three weeks. The two-hour yoga class will include meditation and hot stones.

Liz wants to create a community atmosphere which will encourage people to live a more holistic life. She feels her approach will not only benefit those of us who live in the surrounding area, but vacationers wanting to “heal” during their visits here.

She plans to open the week of May 22 if all goes as planned. If not, Memorial Day weekend will see Studio 33 open to the public.

-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Writer


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