First Nest of the 2017 Turtle Season!

The day started with a report from Lauryn Gilmer of Camp St. Christopher that she and a number of naturalists from the Camp witnessed a false crawl late Wednesday evening May 3. The turtle came in before high tide Wednesday night, turned immediately around and returned to the sea. Next, Deb Wiehn reported a crawl near Boardwalk #6. Tim Morawski responded and probed and probed for a nest. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a false crawl.

Meanwhile, Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, Chris Czander and Pat Luzadder found a crawl a few hundred yards north of the Club. The wind had blown away a lot of the field signs but all were sure there was a nest there. Judy Morr and Terry Fansler probed extensively with no success. Then Pat dug away 6 inches of sand in the most likely nest area and Judy and Terry started probing again. Finally, Judy found the first nest of the 2017 season. The nest had 123 eggs and was relocated to a new and safer spot above the high tide line.

With three crawls in one night, there is no question the Loggerhead nesting season has begun at Seabrook Island.

(Photo credit: Gary Fansler)

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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