Very Special Piccolo Performance

HEART Artist Guild & Theatre Company was created in 2014 to address the need for stimulating activity programs for adults with developmental disabilities in Charleston. With the support of PURE Theatre and Charleston Stage Company, these talented local actors were asked to participate in Piccolo this year. Asked what they’d like to perform, the HEARTists chose Romeo and Juliet! Seabrooker Hannah Flint will star as Juliet’s nurse!

There will be two Sunday afternoon shows–May 28th and June 4th at PURE Theatre on King Street. Tickets are cheap and can be purchased here. This will be like no other version of Romeo and Juliet you’ve ever seen before, but I promise you’ll walk away with a HEART full of joy for having been a part of this special performance!!

-Submitted by Jennifer Hartig

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  1. Way to go, Hannah! Jonathan and I can’t wait to see the performance….Meg

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