#1 Welcome to Hurricane Season

Be Prepared; Stay Safe.

As you know, our Island has the potential of being struck with many weather emergencies – – hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes.  We usually receive warnings that a hurricane is imminent and hurricane season is just around the corner.  It runs from June through November.

The Town of Seabrook Island and the Town of Kiawah Island come together each year to host a Disaster Awareness program to help residents be prepared for any weather emergency.  This year the annual Disaster Awareness Day will be held on June 15th. Speakers will address State-level disaster procedures, public notification, EMS and Fire Department response, storm tracking, and local procedures.  Important information will be shared with the participants and we encourage you to attend.  The Disaster Awareness Day takes place at the Seabrook Island Club, 10:00am to 2:30pm.  No tickets are required.  Lunch is included.

Tidelines will also start with a series articles, called Hurricane Hints which are things that you can do now to be better prepared for an emergency.  Following the ‘Hints’ series,  we’ll post articles addressing preparation, evacuation, recovery, planning for pets and so on.

Last, please keep in mind that the Tidelines staff, all volunteers, will make every effort to keep our followers informed of the status of the storm, evacuation, and recovery efforts during such an event; however, we can’t predict the intensity of oncoming storms, whether we will be home or on vacation travels when it hits, or whether there will be internet capability available wherever it is that we evacuate to.  Please check the Town of Seabrook Island’s website and watch for the SIPOA’s e-blasts.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

-Tidelines Editors

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