Seabrook Island Rules of the Road

Seabrook Island Rules of the Road for
Vehicles, Bikes, Joggers, Walkers, & Skaters

Here are a few reminders you can share with your family members and guests regarding road safety on our Island. Seabrook Island has approximately 26 miles of roadway and a robust and enthusiastic security staff. To ensure that you do not take home a souvenir in the form of a traffic citation and that you and your family/guests remain safe whether driving, biking, or walking, the following rules apply.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limit on our Island is 25 mph and is strictly enforced.
  • Come to a complete stop at each and every STOP sign; this includes bicycles.
  • Do not pass bicycles at traffic islands. When coming upon a bicyclist, please stay a safe distance behind them. When they have cleared the island, they may be passed. Also, please note that it is illegal to drive around traffic islands in the oncoming lane to bypass bicyclists.
  • It would be courteous for bicyclists to call out ‘Behind you’ when coming upon dog walkers or runners/walkers so as not to startle them as they go by.
  • Bicyclists must ride in single file whether on the road or on a path. Seabrook Island’s roads and paths are narrow and winding. There is often not much room to pass without encroaching on the opposite lane.
  • Bicycles must have lights on after dark.
  • Pedestrians, joggers, and skaters must keep on the left side of the road facing traffic, while bicycle traffic must keep to the right, going with the flow of traffic.
  • No beach parking is allowed on Seabrook Island roads or in villa parking areas. Drivers must use designated beach access parking areas and boardwalks. Parking at SIPOA Community Center (on Oyster Catcher Court) is for property owners only.
  • No walking, jogging, and biking on the golf courses or cart paths. Golfers only!
  • Motorcycles, motorized scooters, mopeds, go-carts, motorized bicycles and motorized skateboards are prohibited on Seabrook Island.
  • Trailers, boats, and motorhomes are not allowed to be parked in driveways or on the roads of Seabrook Island. A storage and parking area is provided off the SIPOA Maintenance facility (on Seabrook Island Road between Old Drake and Royal Pine Drives). For details and to make arrangements to use this storage/parking area, please call the Seabrook Island Security Gate at 843-768-6641.
  • Driver’s License – Anyone operating a motor vehicle on Seabrook Island must be in possession of their driver’s license and vehicle registration while driving.
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are “Low Speed Vehicles” (LSV) registered and licensed as such by the State of South Carolina and allowed on our roads. They must follow the same rules as automobiles.  Golf carts are not permitted on Seabrook Island roadways.

We’ve had some near misses lately, so please be careful and mindful of all who use our roads.

(Taken from the SIPOA website)

-Tidelines Editors

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  1. It would also be courteous for bikers to call out something like “Behind You” when coming up behind dog walkers so as not to startle walkers and dogs.

  2. Good idea to print. I’d put it inside the door to the glasses in the kitchen.

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