AED Locations on Seabrook

Seabrook Island is a very active community, for both young and old. Therefore, it is helpful to know the location of AEDs  in our area.

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator.  It is what some people used to just call a defibrillator.  Although the modern ones are more sophisticated,  they are easy enough to use by emergency first aiders.

The basic feature is that it has voice and visual prompts to help the person using it.  Once you either open the box, or turn it on, a voice will give you the next steps.  If there are other people around to help, they should dial 911 immediately while you are working with the AED.

The locations of AEDs on Seabrook Island are:

Seabrook Island Town Hall
#1  Front Hall
#2  Beach Vehicle

SIPOA Administrative Office
#3  Reception Area

SIPOA Security
#4  Truck
#5  Truck
#6  SUV

Lake House
#7  Meeting Room Hallway
#8  Lobby
#9  Office Hallway (Gym Area)

Tennis Courts
#10  Asst. Pro Office

Camp St Christopher
#11 Welcome Center
#12 Suzanna’s House, Main Hall

Island House
#13  First Floor

Beach Club
#14  Pelican’s Nest, Hallway

#15  Main Office Hallway (Garden Area)

Oyster Catcher Community Center
#16  On Porch Near the Bathroom Entrance

Please remember, in an emergency, call 911 not the Security Gate.

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