Highlights from the June 20 SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting

(Since Executive Director’s report and the committee reports given at this Board Meeting were covered in the Tidelines summary of the June 19 “Get the Scoop” meeting, this summary only covers additional topics from the Board Meeting. The complete official minutes of the meeting will be published on the SIPOA website following their approval at the July Board meeting.)

Emergency Preparedness Taskforce Report: The Board approved the report, subject to referral of the financial considerations to the Finance Committee.

Election Process Special Committee Report: Following Mr. Constandis’s summary of the committee’s recommendations, the Board resolved to put the report out for public comments.

Proposal for Bike Path Study: The Board discussed the proposal by Mr. Squire to study the feasibility of the installation of a bike path from the Club to the third Spinnaker Beach House parking lot entrance. The Board referred the matter to the Planning Committee for inclusion in an island-wide bike path study.

Additional Motions for Board Consideration:

  • The resignation of Skip Crane from the Nominating Committee was accepted.
  • Lynn Crane was appointed to fill the Board of Directors vacancy.
  • Sarah Waterfill was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Nominating Committee.
  • Committee Chair and Vice Chair assignments were approved.
  • The Board approved the contract with BluTide Marine Construction in the amount of $240,000 for the reconstruction of Boardwalk 1. Work will commence in late 2017.
  • The Board accepted the donation of Block 03 Lot 01 – 2445 Seabrook Island Road from SIGSC as conserved greenspace.

The Board heard and responded to questions and comments from several property owners.

Next meeting of the SIPOA Board of Directors will be held on July 17 at 1pm at the Lake House.

-Tidelines Editor




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