Weekly Turtle Patrol Report, July 3 to July 9

July 4, 2017 – Nest 55
Bill and Linda Nelson found the crawl for nest 55 near boardwalk 3. Judy Morr responded and located the nest with 103 eggs. It was moved to higher ground in the area near boardwalk 6.

July 5, 2017 – Nests 56 & 57
Lucy and Ray Hoover found the crawl for nest 56 between the flag and the boat storage. The nest was found by Terry Fansler and left in situ.
Paula Baram, Charlane Faught and Heather Fife reported a crawl in front of the third house north of the club. It turned out to be their first nest! Sandy MacCoss found the nest. The 126 eggs of nest 57 were moved a few houses north.
There was another crawl just south of boardwalk 6 which was probed and dug by Tim Morawski, Sandy MacCoss, Terry Fansler and Bill Nelson for 2 hours but the nest was never found. The area was marked with a peg, a flag and the date.
Judy Morr, Jim & Jo Eisenhauer found another crawl near boardwalk 6. Tim Morawski probed but reported a false crawl.

July 6, 2017 – Nest 58
Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, Ginger and Hannah Seabrook and Val Luzadder called with a wind blown crawl at the danger sign just past the club. Val’s grandchildren then reported a second crawl further down the beach between the third and fourth house.
Bill & Eileen Middleton responded. The second crawl became Nest 58. Ginger and Val moved the 138 eggs back to higher ground on the dune. The crawl nearer the club was a false crawl.

July 8, 2017
Seabrook Island Has First South Carolina Nest to Hatch in 2017!
Nest #1 was laid on May 4th and began hatching 62 days later on July 5th. It was the first nest to hatch in South Carolina!
The crawl was found by Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, Chris Czander, Pat Luzadder and Judy Morr found found the nest. Here are the results:

Shells – 119
Unhatched eggs – 3
Dead hatchlings – 1
Live hatchlings – 11
Total live – 116
Hatch success – 96.7%
Emergence success – 86.9%

Inventory announcements will also be available on the Turtle Patrol web site, siturtlepatrol.com under “Turtle News” or on Facebook under “Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol”.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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