#7 Hurricane Hint – Trim Your Trees

Hurricane hint May 2017Do you have tree branches touching your house or condo?  Do you have dead trees on your property?  It’s time to clean up the yard, remove dead trees that could become projectiles in a major windstorm, and trim back any branches that could be a danger to your home .

Remember, if you are removing branches or a damaged tree, first check with Adrea Hughes at the SIPOA office and complete the necessary paperwork.  Click here to review the policies regarding tree removal/trimming which can be found in Appendix L,  Tree and Natural Vegetation Preservation/Removal Policy.  Click here to review Appendix R, tree Trimming/Pruning Guidelines.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

-Tidelines Editors

(photo credit:  https://stock.adobe.com)


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